Isla de sa Ferradura – Spain

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One of the most iconic haciendas in Spain, the spectacular Isla de sa Ferradura has played host to royalty, A-list celebrities and many of the world’s most discriminating elite. And with very good reason. Beauty, elegance and a transcendent experience of luxury define Ferradura, with interiors created by a well-known designer and no detail left to chance. A full suite of expert staff are included in the rental, offering custom meals, planning for private parties and fabulous spa treatments. Manicured gardens cover the island, yet underneath this perfect exterior lies a darker past that only adds to the island’s allure. Favoured in the 17th century as a hidden base for pirates on the run from the Spanish military, Ferradura sits atop deep cliff sides that may have provided shelter for these shady characters. These days, the pirates and raiders likely to seek refuge on Ferradura are of the corporate variety, but the island still retains an undeniable air of romance and intrigue. Available as an exclusive rental for just under €150, 000 per week.

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