Jonathan Island, RI – United States

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The stately home found amidst the wildflowers on this small isle is simply the epitome of East Coast elegance. Located near Narragansett, home to some of Rhode Island’s best beaches, Jonathan Island is one of America’s premier island rentals (at a surprisingly affordable US $3000 per week). Inside of a 6-mile nature preserve, the 3-acre property has maintained the native flowers and trees that give New England its unique character, and the island’s shores teem with clams, flounder and crabs that the enterprising vacationer can catch for a delicious self-created meal. Nearby in Narragansett, all of the amenities of a resort community are available, including golfing, fishing excursions and excellent dining, both casual and formal. But with such a feast available just offshore of Jonathan Island, and decks with 360-degree sunset views on which to enjoy your dinner, you may never want to leave for the mainland.

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