Katafanga Island Resort, Fiji – EUR US$ 25,000,000

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Mystery and beauty surround the South Pacific nation of Fiji, home to some of the world’s most stunning resorts, not to mention the private island hideaways of captains of industry and celebrities like Mel Gibson. In this competitive market, freehold islands such as the stunning 225-acre Katafanga are extremely rare and desirable. Plans are in place for an exclusive island resort that will rival any of the current luxe hotspots that draw in thousands of sunseekers each year, and the island’s unusually large size means it can encompass dozens of villas, a large marina, and even an executive golf course. Remote enough to be undeniably exotic, yet with a level of development that means few amenities are lacking, Fiji is a prime location for private island investment that capitalizes on the already-thriving tourism industry.

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