Aristotle Onassis – Skorpios Island, Greece

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Here’s the love nest that started the whole private island trend in the 1960’s, when Greek shipping magnate Aristotle Onassis and his glamorous wife Jackie-O held their wedding on Skorpios, his island in the Ionian Sea. The media went crazy for both the celebrity couple and the idea of private islands, and owning one quickly became the highest symbol of wealth and status. Skorpios is now owned by Aristotle’s granddaughter Athena, and while rumours have circled for years that the island could be up for grabs, it doesn’t appear that you can buy it for yourself quite yet (and you could end up in a bidding war with Madonna, who is supposedly interested). Reportedly valued at more than US $200M, if it does hit the market it would be one of the most expensive private islands ever.