Celine Dion – Île Gagnon, Quebec

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After all of the uber-expensive tropical islands that celebs seem to favor, the little island owned by chanteuse Celine Dion in her home province of Quebec is refreshingly unpretentious. Not that Celine couldn’t afford to splash out on her own multi-million dollar Bahamas pad, since the native Canadian’s Las Vegas shows have made her one of the highest-paid female performers in history. But her choice of a simple, rustic…. aw, who are we kidding. Celine’s island may be located in the sleepy Mille Îles River, but it’s got a mega-mansion befitting one of the world’s biggest divas. Her towering French-style chateau is a landmark to local tourists, and the island is heavily fenced to discourage over-eager fans. If you’d like to see Île Gagnon for yourself, local boat tours are as close as you’re going to get.