Sir Richard Branson – Necker and Moskito Islands (BVI), Makepeace Island (Australia), Great Britain (World, Dubai)

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Billionaire Virgin founder Sir Richard Branson is the hyper-ambitious Brit who may just epitomize the entrepreneurial “island owner personality”. He’s got an incredible collection of four private islands spanning the globe from the Land of Oz to Dubai. His most famous island is the ultra-swank Necker in the BVI, an eco-friendly luxury resort where the guest list has included Princess Diana, Steven Spielberg and Robert De Niro. And who could forget the iconic image of a Union Jack-clad Sir Richard planting his native flag on the World Project’s own Great Britain? Both a colourful character and an all around nice guy, he also deserves some serious accolades for his purchase of Australia’s Makepeace Island, which he intends to turn into a cool resort for his Virgin company staff.