Eagle Island, Michigan – Private Retreat With a Causeway

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The American Heartland may not be the first place that comes to mind when one thinks of a private island, but the wild beauty of the Great Lakes region is actually home to a number of islands found in the thriving “cottage country” regions hidden amid its picturesque forests. Popular with residents of major Midwest cities like Chicago, Minneapolis and Cleveland, these rustic lake retreats offer a unique alternative to typical waterfront cottages, and avoid the overcrowding fast becoming common on the mainland in these sought-after areas. Located in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula near the town of Iron Mountain, the almost 750-acre Lake Antoine is a perfect example of what this unexpected private island destination has to offer.

And for the first time in years, an opportunity for an island retreat in Lake Antoine is now available, with an appeal to both individual buyers and real estate developers. The owner of the 6.8-acre Eagle Island, Mark Blomquist, says that his career as an architect has given him a deep appreciation of the island’s potential for further development. “I bought the island hoping to be able to build my own special work of architecture and family home on one of the sites, but always realized I may not have the financial capabilities to create the type of architecture the island sites deserve and can inspire. Now that limitation presents a great opportunity for a prospective buyer with the right combination of creative vision, financial means and appreciation for the very best in a northern Michigan island property.” He suggests that one of the best possibilities for Eagle Island is the development of a number of seasonal cottages, taking advantage of the area’s tourism and lifestyle attractions.

Eagle Island is indeed uniquely suited to a development of multiple home sites, coming with a long causeway that provides easy access to the island at any time of year. Even in the chilly winter months when many Northern Michigan private islands are rendered inaccessible by partially frozen or stormy waters, the island can be used for a cozy holiday or winter getaway. Ice-fishing, cross-country skiing and a variety of winter activities are popular on Lake Antoine, and the island is conveniently just minutes from the world-renowned Pine Mountain ski resort, home to one of the highest ski jumps in the world. Mark says that while the area receives enough snowfall to allow for full enjoyment of winter sports and activities, the island’s location is just far enough south to avoid the extreme weather that can impact Northern Michigan.

But while the island has much to offer in the winter months, the owner says that it’s during the sunny and warm summer months that the island’s full potential becomes apparent. “I first fell in love with the island while a teenage performer in a local water ski show that practiced and performed on Lake Antoine just off the shore of the island,” he says. When the island, long held by a local family, came up for sale, he found the opportunity to good to resist. And that he’s ready to pass the island to a new owner, Mark hopes that the island’s ideal location, unusual road access and scenic beauty will also prove irresistible for investors.

Offered for sale at just under US $1.4M, more details about Eagle Island can be found at: