The World’s Best Job – Private Island Caretaker

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For those who love natural beauty, fun in the sun, and a healthy dose of solitude, becoming the caretaker of a private island could be a dream come true. But how do you break into this niche career- and start a whole new lifestyle?

As the caretaker of a private island tucked away in the Exumas chain of the Bahamas, James Ralston* has a job most people could only dream of. A former boat captain and an avid sailor, he’s used to solitude and enjoys the seclusion of island life. And of course, the perfect weather and amazing water sports that come with spending your days in a Bahamian paradise. “It’s just a great life,” he says, “and one that comes with very few drawbacks. I keep my own company well and if I get lonely, I’ve got plenty of friends to be found at a small bar within an hour or so away. Sun, sand and the Caribbean Sea – nothing beats it.” One of his favourite activities is the plentiful fishing in the area around the island, and he says that there’s nothing better than dinner caught by your own hand. “Luckily for me, I never get tired of bonefish, conch and crawfish!”

Private Islands Inc., the leading firm for unique island rentals and sales, says that they’re often called on to play matchmaker for wannabe caretakers and private island resorts and retreats. Company CEO Chris Krolow says that while it’s not necessarily a part of his business, his well-connected firm is the logical place for his island owner clients to make contact with potential caretakers. “We’re the most prominent website for private islands on the internet and have a popular forum where islomaniacs can chat – and a classifieds section perfect for these types of job postings. Our owner clients often look to us for recommendations, and we welcome any qualified applicants to send us their resumes (the contact information is located below).”

But are there any challenges faced by the person solely responsible for someone’s multi-million dollar hideaway? James says that while he has very few complaints about his job, it may not be suited for everyone. He says that island owners are often very busy, and occasionally demanding individuals, and that successful caretakers need to be constantly available and ready when needed. “I love the island, but I’m not here to enjoy myself – my job is to make sure that the island is ship-shape when the owners arrive for their holidays, make any necessary repairs to the home and boats, and clean up after stormy weather.” But with all the advantages to island life, a little hard work sounds more than worth it. His advice to potential applicants? “Never kid yourself. Be genuinely handy, in good physical shape, and capable of a fairly solitary existence. And if you’re the right type of person, you’ll never go back to life on the mainland!”

Contact for Caretaker Applications:
Please attention your resume to Adam Mckie at

*Due to the high-profile nature of his clients, he has requested that we alter his name and the island’s specific location.