Own the Next 5-Star Maldives Island Resort

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The waters of the Indian Ocean are crystal clear, stretching out to the horizon in an almost impossible shade of blue – few islands dot this vast expanse, but just south west of Sri Lanka, you’ll discover a stunningly beautiful archipelago – and the most exclusive location for private island resorts in the world. Welcome to the Republic of the Maldives, a group of 26 coral atolls hosting almost 1200 sand-dusted islands and islets.

It’s a truly extraordinary place – the feeling of being at the edge of the earth is almost palpable in this low-lying paradise, with nothing to break the view of spectacular sunrises and sunsets against the horizon. People come to the Maldives to escape – and experience the truest tropical luxury in its famous resorts. Renowned across the globe and favoured by celebrities like Tom Cruise, Madonna and British royalty, virtually every major resort brand offers their own private island hideaway in this secluded chain. Does yours?

There is a reason that the Maldives has remained such an exclusive sphere, dominated by major brand players like Conrad Hilton, Starwood and Universal. These properties –available only on the basis of long-term leases – are very unusual to find in the international real estate industry, and competition is fierce for entry into this lucrative high-end travel market. However, one such opportunity has just become available, on a stunning crescent-shaped 40-acre island, already hosting a 5-star resort with development already well under way.

Kan’baalifaru Island, found in the country’s pristine northern Shaviyani Atoll, will no doubt become one of the Maldives’ premier travel destinations. This highly sought-after property has recently entered the market on the basis of a 35-year lease and a below market price of US $18,000,000, and offers one of the few opportunities for breaking into this exceptional tourism economy. For any hotel brand seeking to add a flagship luxury resort as the crowning jewel in their portfolio, this is a chance not to be missed.

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