Schloss Island, British Columbia

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On the wild and epic west coast of British Columbia’s beautiful Vancouver Island, it’s a rare thing to find a private island available for purchase. Perhaps the only such property currently on the market, Schloss Island is a spectacular large island found sheltered within Quatsino Sound, only seven miles from the Pacifi c Ocean and close to the village of Winter Harbour. Just a 1000 yards from a boat dock on shore and accessible by helicopter, float plane and byboat, this piece of BC paradise feels a million miles from civilization, but is in reality, highly accessible and convenient to amenities.

Schloss Island is protected from harsh winds within Koprino Harbour, and has low, sloping banks and beaches that are ideal for boat or plane ramps. Its 82 acres are covered in a rich forest fi lled with hemlock trees, many of which are over a century old, and one currently hosts a nest of eagles that at times, one can see circling above the island. Two freshwater springs provide ample drinking water, safe and clean – the island’s environment is a pure and untouched part of BC wilderness. Dinner will never be a problem – offshore, you’ll fi nd incredible fi shing for salmon, halibut and tuna, and when the tides sweep out to expose broad beaches, there is prawning and clam digging.

There are a variety of possibilities for Schloss Island’s use and development, each taking advantage of its unique location and abundant nature. Already zoned A-1 subdividable, the island can be parcelled into individual plots for the construction of individual residences – with more than 80 acres, the island could host numerous subdivisions while retaining a secluded and private feel for each resident. Kept as a private holiday retreat, it would be an incredible luxury and very convenient for residents of Vancouver or Seattle. The excellent fi shing and scenic environment would also lend itself well to development as a fi shing lodge or rustic eco-resort. The island is also covered in 21,000 metres of marketable timber.
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