King’s Island, Denmark

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Only a handful of islands can make truly regal claims; King’s Island in Denmark is one of those very rare islands. Commissioned by Danish King Christian IX in 1890, this massive 180,000 square foot masterpiece consists of 200 rooms, contains over two and a half miles of hallways and required more than two and a half million tons of solid Bornholm granite to complete.

Known to the Danes as Middelgrundsfortet, King`s Island holds the distinction of being the world`s largest artificial island not connected to the mainland. Less than 15 minutes from Copenhagen, King’s Island can easily be reached by water but also features a fully functioning helipad. The island is situated in Øresund, between Copenhagen and the Swedish city of Malmö, just two miles to the northeast of the entrance to Copenhagen Harbor. King`s Island takes its Danish name from the shallow area (Middelgrunden, or Middle Ground) on which it was constructed.

Until 1984, King’s Island was primarily used as a naval fortress, though it never saw any actual conflict. In the early 1900s the island was Denmark’s largest and strongest garrison and was widely considered to be the largest sea fortress in the world. At capacity, King`s Island could house as many as 800 soldiers at a time; making it an exceptional investment for anyone looking to host a large group of guests.

Outside the main structure, the island is dotted with numerous interesting remnants of its military past, including two Hawk missiles exhibited in launching ramps next to the island’s hangars. The 17-acre island has seen extensive restoration in recent years, both to the citadel itself and to the surrounding coastline. Some of the land between the fortress and the breakwater has already been converted to beaches, making King’s Island turnkey ready with no further restorations required.

King’s Island has been privately owned for the last nine years, during which time it’s been largely used as a hotel and conference facility. Its hotel area has 24 rooms with 88 beds, as well as a furnished captain’s quarters done in a handsome maritime style. The original oak doors and windows are intact and even the original mine station, crew lounges and still-functioning period generators exist today. Among the many amenities within the main building are a modern restaurant, a nightclub, and a bar and billiard lounge.

King’s Island is perfect in size, structure, and location to be utilized for conferences, seminars or team-building exercises. It could be a jewel in the crown of a large corporation, or several smaller companies could unite to own it jointly. It’s even perfectly suited for that very special private client who desires a stunningly unique and easily accessible private island home in the absolute heart of northern Europe.

The private island purchase process for non-Danes is straightforward: The foreign buyer simply establishes a Danish company, which can in turn buy the island without any complications.

For such a culturally important and ideally located property, King’s Island is priced extremely attractively at 6,800,000 Euro (about $9,500,000 at press time).

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