Tony Robbins – Spring/Summer 2013

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Welcome to the Spring/Summer ’13 edition of Private Islands Magazine.

I grew up in a place very different from the islands of Fiji, in the smog-filled, crime-driven, concrete valley of South Central Los Angeles. As a boy living in L.A., I dreamed not only of having my own home, but of having a magical place that all of my family and friends could come – a place with warm waters, sunny skies, and exuberant smiles.

In my early 20s, I set out on a quest to see the greatest islands in the world, from the Seychelles to Bora Bora. Eventually, I found home in the amazing culture of Fiji, where time is told by the beat of the lali drum, and where laughter is the dominant sound that fills the air, outside the soothing lull of crashing waves.

When I first set foot on the Fijian islands, I came with all the intensity of a seven-day-a-week, make-it-happen kind of lifestyle. But as soon as I immersed my body in the azure water, my stress, my cares, and all tenseness melted away. I remember stopping to ask a Fijian man what time it was. He looked confused, then looked up at the sky and said, “daytime!” In a few moments all was put in perspective.

To me, Fiji is defined by much more than picturesque coastlines, stunning waterfalls, and lush coconut trees. The true magic of Fiji lies in the incomparable joyous culture of its people. On that first trip, as I chartered from island to island in the Fijian archipelago, everywhere I went, people were saying “Bula! Bula-bula!” The message was “welcome,” “be happy,” and “we love you.” These were people who wanted nothing more than for me to join them in their happiness.

Today, I am privileged to call Fiji “home” and to have created and built the number one resort and spa in the Fijian islands: Namale Resort and Spa. We have more than 525 acres, three miles of oceanfront, a rainforest that connects to the sea, extraordinary waterfalls, some of the finest diving in the South Pacific, and a 10,000-square-foot spa that has won every award in Fiji and been listed as one of the top ten resorts and spas in the entire South Pacific. Last year Oprah named Namale her #1 place in the world on her list of “Favorite Things.” It’s a secluded tropical paradise with only 20 villas – where a maximum of 40 guests are looked after by more than 150 Fijian staff, ensuring our guests’ every desire is met.

I consider it my unique privilege to have discovered a place where the purpose of life is to be happy, and an even greater pleasure to share this magnificent paradise with those who will not settle for ordinary. Where you’re from is your backstory, where you’re going and whom you plan to share it with is what makes life breathtaking. I hope you find your island dream here in these pages, or at least begin your journey toward paradise… Bula! See you in Fiji!

Tony Robbins


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