Richard Branson – Spring/Summer 2012

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Hello and welcome to the Spring/Summer 2012 special edition of Private Islands Magazine.

For me, Necker is more than an island; it is my home and favourite hideaway. I purchased it in 1978 in an attempt to woo my now wife so it definitely worked!  I quickly realised that it seemed a shame to leave the island empty when I’m not there and wanted other people to share in the magic of the island so that’s how the Virgin Limited Edition collection came about and since then we’ve created a small portfolio of luxury retreats with Necker being the jewel in the crown of the collection!

Without a doubt, Necker Island is the most beautiful place on earth. It’s surrounded by spectacular unspoilt reef, wonderful sea life and the island itself has more species of bird life than any other island on earth. I travel the world a lot, but it’s always wonderful coming back home.

Sadly a fire on Necker Island last August tragically destroyed the Great House, however, no-one was injured and although we were sad to lose all the memories, all that really mattered was that everyone was safe and well.

In recent months our team has been hard at work removing the original Great House foundations so that these can be replaced in preparation for building the new structure. I’m extremely excited to see The Great House take form over the coming months. In the meantime, guests are still welcome on the island and can stay in one of the beautiful Bali Houses – as well as my home, Temple House – and can experience the wonders of a private island.

I hope you enjoy the article on Necker Island on page 34 and that you’ll consider adding a visit to your wish-list in the not too distant future. Enjoy the read!

All the Best,

Sir Richard Branson

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