Bruce Croxon – Fall/Winter 2014-15

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Island life is in my DNA.

My mother is Jamaican and I spent time in the Caribbean as a child. But growing up in Toronto, traveling south of the border wasn’t always a possibility. Some of my earliest memories are of my parents renting rudimentary cottages in out-of-the-way destinations—basically just a lake to jump in and a place to sleep—and I remember feeling, “Nice!”

But then I grew up and adult responsibilities took over. I put myself through university and travelled the world thanks to money earned by planting trees throughout British Columbia. It gave me the opportunity to further appreciate the vastness of our beautiful planet. Although my professional life has evolved as an entrepreneur and investor in technology and digital media, I am still drawn toward nature and life’s simple pleasures.

Our island is on Georgian Bay, a region I consider to be one of the most beautiful places on earth. I confess that I always feel better when I’m out of the city. It’s visceral. Something I feel in my gut. But it’s also how we choose to live there that makes a difference. There is a marked absence of technology. We’re off the grid and any energy is generated by solar panels. It’s remarkable to watch my two kids, who typically gravitate toward the easy download of content, roam around and make their own fun. Our society doesn’t have enough of these pure, self-created moments of joy.

For prospective island buyers, I suggest taking the time to understand the property’s geographic position and infrastructure so it meets your needs. I approach my island from the east, which provides shelter from what can sometimes be extreme weather conditions. As I walk toward the west I am blessed with unencumbered views. This truly spectacular setting feels untouched, and often an entire weekend will pass without even seeing a boat sail by. We chose to rely on solar energy and it’s been a good education about where power comes from, but if being on the grid is a factor, it’s important to research an island’s current or potential build-out.

Island life provides a profound absence of noise and distraction. Some might call it isolating, but for me it’s an opportunity to relax and rejuvenate. I encourage you to explore the islands in this issue and discover your own private oasis.


Bruce Croxon

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