It’s an incredible world out there!

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Welcome to the Spring/Summer 2016 issue of Private Islands Magazine, your entryway to the ever-expanding world of private island real estate. From shores close to home to the far reaches of the globe, we’ve got our fingers on the pulse of the best island properties for sale or rent.

This issue’s guest editors have a special connection to Private Islands. Shawn and Jill Ritchie are fans of Island Hunters, the HGTV series that I executive produce and host – and now they’re about to be featured in an upcoming episode on Belize. Tune in later this summer to find out which island they purchased. It’s a great opportunity to see firsthand how to make island ownership a reality.

Central America is on my mind a lot these days as I have my own single-villa private island project in the works off the coast from Placencia, Belize. As the closest island in that area to Belize’s famous barrier reef, it will deliver world-class snorkeling right off its sands.

If Belize piques your interest, there are a variety of options in this issue: Little Harvest Caye (p. 24), a private island with a turnkey five-bedroom home, offers affordable island shares, allowing you to experience the luxury of ownership without a year-round commitment; Moho Caye (p. 20) is an eight-acre undeveloped island; and North Saddle Caye (p. 22) is a self-sustainable island estate ready for full-time ownership.

From community-minded 1 Mandalay in Florida (p. 34) to the lavish Georgian Bay estates Pavis Island (p. 44) and Kish Ka Dena (p.16) in Ontario, Canada, you’ll find plenty of turnkey properties to suit tastes from tropical to temperate. There are also undeveloped islands like Saddleback Cay (p. 30) in the Bahamas where you can let your imagination run wild.

Happy island hunting!

Chris Krolow
Publisher, Private Islands Magazine
CEO, Private Islands Inc.


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