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Timothy Draper

Timothy Draper

I was always enamored with the idea of having an island. The freedom to start a new utopia, the feeling of being open to the air, of having fresh water surround me. I also like the idea of being able to reinvent a world. Islands have also meant adventure and relaxation to me. My grandfather […]

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Shawn and Jill Ritchie

Shawn and Jill Ritchie

My wife and I met on a cruise in Aruba 23 years ago, so it was an island that brought us together. I was with friends and she was with family, but the crazy part is that when I asked her where she was from, she said, “Medina, Ohio.” It turned out my office was […]

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Geraldo Rivera – Fall/Winter 2015/2016

Welcome to the Fall/Winter ’15 edition of Private Islands Magazine. In 2004, I got word that there was an island for sale on the south coast of Puerto Rico, off the town of Playa Salinas. I always dreamed of owning my own tropical island, and as I come from a family with deep roots in […]

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Harry Frith – Spring/Summer 2015

When I was a kid growing up in Australia in the ’70s my father used to buy a lot of land and one of his purchases was Goat Island on the Sunshine Coast of Queensland. We went out there on an old boat to see the island and while we where walking around, the tide […]

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Bruce Croxon – Fall/Winter 2014-15

Island life is in my DNA. My mother is Jamaican and I spent time in the Caribbean as a child. But growing up in Toronto, traveling south of the border wasn’t always a possibility. Some of my earliest memories are of my parents renting rudimentary cottages in out-of-the-way destinations—basically just a lake to jump in […]

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Robert Hay – Spring/Summer 2014

There is life. Then there is island life. Growing up on Lake Huron, I’ve boated all of my life – starting as early as 7-years-old. There is something so magnificent, so energizing, about being on the water that I knew it would be an integral part of my life. I first visited Georgian Bay 35 […]

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Eddie Irvine – Fall/Winter 2013/2014

I’m from a big island originally – Ireland – and there are about 150 islands within 15 miles of my house. For as long as I can remember, I’ve wanted to have an island of my own. Back in the day, I loved the program “Robinson Crusoe,” which was made by Germans and dubbed into […]

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David Copperfield – Fall/Winter 2012/2013

Welcome to the Fall/Winter ’12 edition of Private Islands Magazine. I’ve spent my life traveling the world in search of real magic.  When I discovered Musha Cay, I knew I’d truly found it.  It took my breath away.  I could see why the astronauts, after orbiting the Earth had all agreed that this same spot […]

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Richard Branson – Spring/Summer 2012

Hello and welcome to the Spring/Summer 2012 special edition of Private Islands Magazine. For me, Necker is more than an island; it is my home and favourite hideaway. I purchased it in 1978 in an attempt to woo my now wife so it definitely worked!  I quickly realised that it seemed a shame to leave […]

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Tony Robbins – Spring/Summer 2013

Welcome to the Spring/Summer ’13 edition of Private Islands Magazine. I grew up in a place very different from the islands of Fiji, in the smog-filled, crime-driven, concrete valley of South Central Los Angeles. As a boy living in L.A., I dreamed not only of having my own home, but of having a magical place […]